Jennifer DeLuca

Jennifer DeLucaMeet Jennifer DeLuca, an Orlando Ballroom/West Coast Swing dance professional who has been dancing since the age of 5. With a background in ballet, jazz and ballroom, Jennifer was able to climb all the way to second in the nation in the dance that eventually captured her passion…West Coast Swing. She has made a career out of dance since the age of 19, but has several notable, dance-related episodes from her early years.

When Jennifer was only 13 years old, she was invited to join a college ballroom dance team, and subsequently began performing and competing throughout Florida. At 15, she was introduced to West Coast Swing. She won her first National competition in the Intermediate level that same year. Not too long afterwards, she was a featured dancer in the short film, “The Marionette.”

Jennifer has a college degree in Hospitality. She also has her own company, Floor on Fire, which she began at the age of 21. She was contracted weekly with area resorts to conduct weekly ballroom dance classes for guests, and at one point had three teachers on her staff.

Jennifer is currently performing, teaching and judging on the West Coast Swing circuit. She placed second in the nation (NASDE, National Association of Swing Dance Events) in 2007 and 2008. She also enjoys choreographing routines, teaching private lessons and workshops around the country, as well as at home in Orlando.

Jennifer is available for group and private lessons during the weekdays. If you would like to contact her for lessons, you may do so at

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