Jennifer DeLuca

Jennifer DeLucaMeet Jennifer DeLuca, an Orlando Ballroom/West Coast Swing dance professional who has been dancing since the age of 5. With a background in ballet, jazz and ballroom, Jennifer was able to climb all the way to second in the nation in the dance that eventually captured her passion…West Coast Swing. She has made a career out of dance since the age of 19, but has several notable, dance-related episodes from her early years.

When Jennifer was only 13 years old, she was invited to join a college ballroom dance team, and subsequently began performing and competing throughout Florida. At 15, she was introduced to West Coast Swing. She won her first National competition in the Intermediate level that same year. Not too long afterwards, she was a featured dancer in the short film, “The Marionette.”

Jennifer has a college degree in Hospitality. She also has her own company, Floor on Fire, which she began at the age of 21. She was contracted weekly with area resorts to conduct weekly ballroom dance classes for guests, and at one point had three teachers on her staff.

Jennifer is currently performing, teaching and judging on the West Coast Swing circuit. She placed second in the nation (NASDE, National Association of Swing Dance Events) in 2007 and 2008. She also enjoys choreographing routines, teaching private lessons and workshops around the country, as well as at home in Orlando.

Jennifer is available for group and private lessons during the weekdays. If you would like to contact her for lessons, you may do so at

Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox West Coast Swing Addict
Jessica Cox is one of the best-known west coast swing dancers in the world, and has garnered an astonishing number of awards and championship trophies.

Jessica has triumphed as a three-time Junior U.S. Open Champion, two-time US Open Showcase Champion, as well taking titles in Cabaret, Team, and Strictly Swing. She is also a four-time USA Grand Nationals Showcase Champion and won the coveted Phoenix Champion of Champions Jack and Jill.

Jessica is sought after domestically and internationally for her experience teaching and judging, and has been to more than a half-dozen countries this year alone to teach people how to swing. She is currently teaching with John Lindo, and their energetic and fun partnership has dazzled crowds around the world.

Jessica is classically trained and has been dancing since she was five years old. Her background includes jazz, tap, ballet, latin, and ballroom. Her love for West Coast Swing started at the age of six, and has only continued to grow through the years.

Boogie By The Bay 20012

Boogie by the Bay 2012 Champions J&J with Myles and Melissa






Boogie by the Bay 2012 Classic Div with Ben and Melissa






Ben Morris and Sarah Van Drake – Boogie by The Bay 2012 Pro






Luís Crespo and Lemery Rollins Boogie By the Bay Strictly Swing 2012





Boogie by the Bay 2012 Gerald Cote & Robin Cote West Coast Swing





Robert Royston and Jen DeLuca – Boogie by The Bay 2012 Pro





French Open 2012 Competition Winners

French Open West Coast Swing (FOWCS) Classic Winners. These guys did really well and the crowd seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. Congratulations to the winners.





French Open West Coast Swing (FOWCS) Jack n’ Jill Advanced Winners. These guys did really well and the crowd seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. Congratulations to the winners.





French Open West Coast Swing (FOWCS) Jack n’ Jill Intermediate Winners. Congratulations to the winners!

Hugo Miguez

Hugo Miguez - West Coast Swing DancerHugo Miguez was born and raised in Hialeah, FL. He began dancing at a young age starting with hip-hop and break dancing. From then on Dancing became a driving force in Hugo’s life. Only two months after joining the Hip-hop team in his school, they took their routine to a national competition. They won first place. Struck by passion and determination, Hugo decided to take up Salsa classes with Salsa Fever in Miami, Fl. He successfully completed the Cuban Salsa progressive series. At the same time he began taking classes at different studios in Miami, including Doral’s multinational award winning studio, DanceTown. After a short period of time, Hugo was offered a position to teach salsa and hip-hop in Miami.

Hugo continues to work with Angel Figueroa and other pro’s constantly furthering his education in all dance genres. West Coast Swing holds a special place in his heart… Hugo has had the opportunity to work with some of the top Pros in the Nation such as Mario Robau, Deborah Szekely, Robert Cordoba, Kelvin Roche, Laurie-Ann Greenhouse, Jennifer Deluca, Billy Fajardo and many more. Hugo Miguez competes, judges, choreographs and Performs Internationally. He continue to work with top professionals in many different dance genres’ furthering their education constantly and is very appreciative of these special connections helping to open the door to a wonderful dance career.

Hugo Miguez has won multiple National titles in West Coast Swing, Hustle, Salsa, and Hip-Hop. Brianne Cline and Hugo Miguez are the 2012 Florida State West Coast Swing Champions and the 2013 2nd place Florida State Champions. In 2010 he won the Tampa Bay Golden Ticket with Angie Jones and went on to be a finalist in it at the US Open. In 2012 Hugo Miguez and Whitney Bartlett won the first event of the Golden Ticket tour at New Years Swing Vacation in Orlando, FL.

Stacy KAy

Stacy Kay  - West Coast Swing Dancer

Stacy Kay was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She began competing in Gymnastics at a very young age and then she moved to competing nationwide in lyrical, modern, jazz, tap, and ballet. During high school she was introduced to ballroom dancing, where her passion for dancing quickly escalated. By the time she graduated high school she was teaching ballroom full-time and competing throughout the region.

Stacy has recently found herself falling head over heels for West Coast Swing. She has had the opportunity to work with many national pros such as Kellese & Brent Key, Angel Figueroa, Deborah Szekely, Jeanne Degyter, and Barry Jones. She continues to further her education in all dances.

Stacy has won numerous competitions in her level, including the Golden Ticket Tour at the Austin Swing Dance Championship 2012 with Dominique Martin. Even though she loves competition, Stacy’s biggest passion is teaching. In addition to teaching dance she also teaches photography, her second love. She finds teaching to be most rewarding and thrives on sharing her passion for dance with others.

Stacy plans to continue competing in West Coast Swing and debuting her first classic routine within the next year. Stacy and Hugo Miguez currently teach group classes and workshops together across the nation. They are also planning to reshape the way the community learns West Coast Swing as certified Swank Dance Fitness Instructors.

  • 1st Place 2013 Austin Swing Dance Championship Routine Division
  • 1st Place 2013 Floorplay Swing Vacation
  • 2012ASDC Golden Ticket Champion
  • 2nd Place 2012 DFW Pro-Am Jam
  • 2nd Place 2012 Chicago Classic
  • 4th Place 2012 Tampa Bay Classic

Jordan Frisbee

Jordan Frisbee - West Coast SwingHe began dancing at age 11. All it took was a pretty girl asking him if knew how to West Coast Swing, and Jordan was taking lessons. That pretty girl, Olivia Dasso, later became his first dance partner. He then had a successful partnership with Jessica Cox for three years. During that partnership, they were the youngest couple to win a NASDE event in the Showcase Division. In 2000, he formed a partnership with Tatiana, and the rest is history.

Jordan is known for his smooth and effortless styling, signature moves, and innovative and unique choreography. His performance abilities have touched the hearts of audiences all over the world. He takes pride in expressing his love for the dance whenever he is on the floor. He is a perfectionist and self-proclaimed “Workaholic.” Always the professional, the community sees him as a responsible person, and role model to the youth

His hobbies include volleyball, scuba diving, body boarding, sports cars and seeing and experiencing the world. He believes in living life to the fullest, and having no regrets.

Ben Morris

Ben Morris - West Coast Swing

Both a Champion Lindy Hopper and a Champion West Coast Swing Dancer; Ben Morris began swing dancing at the age of 12 and is now a 2 time World Swing Dance Champion, 3 time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, Spirit of Lindy Hop award winner, a California Swing Dance Hall of Fame award winner, and a featured dancer in the movie Love N’ Dancing and the Leann Rimes Music Video “Swingin.” He currently lives in Orange, California, but travels all over the United States and the world, to teach, compete, judge, and perform. He’s known for his fun dance style, infectious personality, and enjoyable workshops.

Some of Ben’s most notable accomplishments include:

  • 1st place – 2006 US Open Swing Dance Championships, Showcase Division
  • 2nd place – 2008 & 2009 US Open Swing Dance Championships, Classic Division
  • 2nd place – 2010 USA Grand Naitonals, Classic Division
  • 1st Place – 2009 Chicago Classic, Classic Division
  • 1st Place , 2008 and 2009 Swingdiego, Champions Strictly Swing
  • 1st Place, 2008 World Swing Dance Championships, Classic division
  • 2008 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame award winner